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NEST clients primarily fit in two categories: non-profits (c3 and c6s) and small businesses. The perfect client is the one who is looking to take their business to the next level. expand their audience and who wants to get their marketing going in the right direction Robin helps her clients develop outcomes-based initiatives that help them build capacity.

For non-profit agencies, trade associations and other program or community groups, especially the ones with little or no staff and/or no capacity to hire and manage a full-time employee for their marketing program, fundraising and overall growth efforts. NEST is an ideal resource to support these functions.

For small to medium business clients who have an existing solid base. a meaningful product or service, and at least one loyal audience group and want to expand or engage a new audience. NEST focuses on marketing, business development, and relevant idea generation.

Current client roster includes the following industries:

  Social Services
  Health Services
  Professional Services