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New Albanian Brewing Company

Robin and NEST creates an atmosphere that is encouraging and motivating. Her questions, answers & guidance allows you to identify your big picture goals. Business decisions often get buried in day to day operations. It’s nice to start picking up any balls that were dropped in order to grow and move forward. In our bi-weekly meetings with NEST. Robin accommodates our looser style but there is always a sense of accomplishment that naturally ends each session. As we tackle the myriad of challenges in business. with the help of Robin’s laser focus we continuously meet our objectives with a deeper understanding of what we want and need in order to continue and grow.

—Kate Lewison. Owner/Operator
New Albanian Brewing Company
A Craft Beer Company & Two Restaurants

Bulldogs in the Bluegrass

What I love about working with NEST and Robin is her ability to see our greater vision and implement and advocate for it on-point and on-brand. She jumps right in quickly and sees what needs to be done. She engages with our organization’s multiple audiences -our board our program participants our vendors. professionally and with the specific messages they need when they need them She s highly organized and detail-oriented which takes a big burden off of me She is also very creative and strategic and Identifies solutions on the fly to whatever we are facing at that moment—from marketing to budgets to board communication. As a small non-profit with a limited staff and a limited budget. Robin and NEST Community Market ng. is a perfect outsourced solution for helping us keep it all together and grow.

—Rowan Claypool. Yale in Kentucky. Inc.
Board Member. Bulldogs in the Bluegrass Founder & Director
A program that brings Yale students to Louisville for summer internships